Political Problems In Ancient Rome

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There were political problems within the Roman government. Rome has had many emperors and most were unfit, cruel, and greedy. The emperors inherited their places at the throne by being of a blood line. The problem with this is that genetics does not work that way, the emperors had children with their siblings and family members which clearly resulted in emperors with mentally unstable personalities, who were unfit to rule. Because there was no system to replace a fallen emperor the position fell to anyone powerful enough to take it, people would use something called the Praetorian Guard to assassinate the current emperors for money, or to try and take their position. Legions started civil wars within Rome in effort to get their general into the position of emperor, and whichever legion won could claim the place. Because of…show more content…
Roman architecture was some of the greatest of their time, but as they continued to grow in size, they became harder to protect and eventually fell apart. They used natural borders like the mountains, and rivers, and they built walls, but those only work if you have enough legionaries to guard them, which they didn’t. When their legions started to weaken, they hired Germanic mercenaries, which was a short-sighted idea because they had no allegiance to them and eventually they turned on the Romans. With all of the legions order crumbling to the ground, it didn’t help that the soldiers were unfocused and further concerned with their salaries and control of the throne. When Rome was at their worst, the Germanic tribes invaded, destroying Rome’s aqueducts, and making it hard for the Romans to get fresh water. Then when the Rhine and Danube Rivers froze, it made it easier for people to take their strikes at Rome, and in 410 CE the Germanic Chief Alaric and The Germanic tribes invaded and set fire to the city of Rome, ending the Romans long reign over the
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