Political Relations Between The United States And Politics

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Throughout the quarter we have seen how different institutions in our society work and how those institutions affect our everyday life. I was lucky enough to grow up near the Mexico-USA border. I would regularly cross it to go and visit my family and now have the privilege to call Tijuana my hometown (my parents live there). Because of this I was able to experience and thus be affected by institutions in two different countries. In this essay I will talk about the political institution in both countries. I will start by explaining politics in the United States and lead into how politics in Mexico function. Afterwards, I will compare both political institutions and draw from my own experiences to explain any differences between the two. The United States political system functions under a system of checks and balances. Our government is divided up into three branches: judiciary, legislative, and executive. A system of checks and balances functions in such a way so that no one branch has more power than the other two. If Congress (the legislative branch) passes a bill, it has to go through the President (head of the executive branch) who may or may not veto it. Once it goes through the President, the Supreme Court (the judiciary branch) has to rule whether or not the bill is constitutional. This system allows so that there is no abuse of power in the government. For a political institution to function properly there needs to be general logic underlying it. Drawing on the
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