Political Representation Of Political Violence

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When embarking on a study of the representation of political violence in drama, it is essential first of all to establish some agreed-upon terms and frames of reference, and some reasonably stable understanding of the object of study. Political violence as a subject for dramatic representation can be seen as a special category of what is called "political drama" more generally. Political drama can be understood to include such ingredients as the clash of political philosophies and strategies in concrete situations, the struggle for political power through democratic or extra-democratic means, the maneuverings, triumphs and defeats of parties, groups and classes in pursuit of their political goals, and the ceaseless weighing of ends and means in that pursuit. As a field of human activity and commitment, politics, broadly defined, has furnished material for a huge number of plays, engaging audiences in the recurring variations of personal and political dilemmas. Some of these plays can be seen to have the overt aim of changing or reinforcing the spectators ' understanding and political alignment; others present the spectacle of human behavior in the political realm in an ostensibly neutral way.

The dramatic representation of political violence addresses more specifically the call to violent action, armed struggle, the readiness to fight and to kill, in the pursuit or defence of political ends. It can, to a considerable extent, be analyzed in the terms and
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