Political Science And Its Influence On The Country 's Current Situation

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Political Science teaches us about how political power is dispersed, how different governments operate and interact, how rules are made and enforced. We will come to know both the "who" of politics, such as international organizations, politicians, and the public, and the "how”, such as political institutions, elections, and public administration. Politics have its essence in every aspect of our lives, including the availability of education, jobs, housing and healthcare. Whatever government does and whoever supports the government everything have its influence on the country 's current situation whether to be in war or in peace. Political science is the study of a wide range of political knowledge, events, actions, and institutions. We all take part in politics, though most of the time we do so unknowingly. Politics is not only about simply voting in an election or working in government. When we read or listen to news, make donations to aid groups, or talk with friends and family about social issues and values are some of the examples of political activity in our everyday lives.

Political Science is concerned with the many institutions, organizations and norms that determine how people apperceive society, and in turn, how they interact within it. In Political Science, multiple issue can come for discussion like Power or it can be democracy or government as well, in order to aware us about our surroundings, and our place in it. When we acquire enough knowledge…
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