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Biology LabPaq / Published by: Hands-On Labs, Inc. sales@HOLscience.com / www.HOLscience.com / Toll Free 866.206.0773 A laboratory Manual of Small-Scale Experiments for the independent Study of general Biology 50-0053-BK-02 LabPaq® is a registered trademark of Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL). The LabPaq referenced in this manual is produced by Hands-On Labs, Inc. which holds and reserves all copyrights on experiences. The laboratory manual included with a LabPaq is intended for the sole use by that years of research and development into these materials, reserves all rights related to them, and Published by: Hands-On Labs, Inc. 3880 S. Windermere St. Englewood, CO 80110 Phone: Denver Area: 303-679-6252 Toll-free,…show more content…
Cleanup: can. Discard used pipets and other waste in your normal trash. Return cleaned equipment and supplies to their LabPaq box and store the box out of reach of children and pets. your Lab Report. If you have properly followed all the above steps, the conclusion will be easy. www.HOLscience.com 8 © Hands-On Labs, Inc. Introduction Safety Concerns CAUTioN for Women: If you are pregnant or could be pregnant, you should seek advice from your personal physician before doing any type of science experimentation. You, as a responsible science student and researcher, are solely responsible for safely storing manner. Items in your LabPaq can be especially dangerous to children and pets, so the LabPaq should always be kept safely stored out of their reach. The LabPaq may contain acids or other chemicals that can cause burns if mishandled plus serious illness and/or death if consumed. cause injury. LabPaqs contain small items and materials that could cause choking, injury, or death if misused. not necessarily dangerous, they can pose hazards which means you should always undertake to take measurements, make sure any stool, chair, or ladder you use is sturdy and take ample to ensure that items cannot go astray and cause injury to people or property. If you or anyone accidentally consumes or otherwise comes into contact with a substance that could be toxic or cannot be easily washed away, immediately call: Your
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