Political Science Of Political Sabotage Or Dirty Plans Essay

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Ratf**ked is a term used in political science to describe political sabotage or dirty plans. David Daley, in his book of the same name, describes Republicans incentives in 2010 to take control of state legislatures and control congressional redistricting processes. Republicans were then able to take redistrict in favor of a republican controlled congress being elected. This plan was entitled The Redistricting Majority Project or REDMAP (Daley 2016). After the 2008 election, the future of the Republican Party looked grim. Obama took Republican strongholds like Virginia and North Carolina and Democrats took control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate during the election. Chris Jankowski, a member of the Republican State Leadership Committee, came up with a plan to help the Republicans gain control of the state legislatures. He realized the importance of the 2010 mid-term elections with the upcoming census, whichever party controlled the state legislatures got to control the redistricting process for congressional districts in 42 of 50 states (Daley 2016). Jankowski had $30 million dollars to invest in states that Republicans could control both governors office and the legislature. His REDMAP team would create priority lists of swing states, to state houses, and finally to state senates that they had to win. Republicans focused their time and energy on areas that they believed that they could swing red or keep red by calling, sending mail, billboards,
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