Political Science: State of the Union Response

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Political Science Response State of the Union Response In the 2013 State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama explained his perception of the country as it is currently working. The President states that he believes all is well in the country. All of the problems which have faced the country over the last few years, particularly the economy and the jobs situation, are improving. He also states that the workings of his administration as well as a non-partisan Congress are necessary if the country hopes to dig itself further out of the precarious position we were in as a nation. Obama's thesis seems to be that the country is doing very well right now but he uses statistics which do not seem to be accurate according to most sources. There are still many people out of work or not working enough to support their families. Obama advocates waging minimum wage but does not consider that this might lead to more people being made out of work. He discusses things like preschools for all children and immigration reform, but did not lay out ways in which these complicated issues can be handled by a government which has shown itself to be at odds and unwilling to cooperate with the opposing party. Wikileaks Response: The chronic surveillance of the population is supposed to be for our own safety, to watch out for terrorists who might want to cause us harm. However, people are losing their freedoms. Corporations play too big a part in governments. Wikilinks should not
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