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Antonio Chavez June 23, 2015 Political Science Take Home Exam The U.S. Government has had a lot of conflictions after the Revolutionary War settling into a stable state. Today the U.S. Government is certainly not flawless, but America’s Democracy has certainly evolved to reach rights of most people in this land. My goal is to dig into the reasons why colonist revolted against the British Parliament. After the colonist gained independence, the framers formed a constitution that still persists today. I will talk about the intents behind the framers as they ratified the Bill of Rights, and also how these Bill of Rights correlate, and how they don’t correlate to the reasoning behind the Revolutionary War. Democracy prevails in the U.S. Government, but I will talk about other forms of government that can resemble a democracy. I will incorporate all these different topics into Robert Reich’s perspective of America’s Industry, and to the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s. United States’ Democracy has had a lot of ups and downs, but continues to progress with time. It is no doubt that America’s roots stem from the thirteen colonies, which were under the rule of the English Parliament. It is also a fact that the colonists revolted against the British after a series of conflictions. For years the British was occupied fighting the French which left the colonies on their own for a period of time. Over this time period, the colonists enjoyed a lot of power over the colonies, and
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