Political Science: The Ultimate Power of Shaping Scenarios

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The conventional way of achieving it is to take part in the electoral process. However, after a government is appointed, there still remains a need for highlighting the nations' concern by bringing forward their opinions using a proper platform. Like many other countries, people in United States have a right to join different organizations and social groups in order to safeguard their interests, promote social activity and to contribute in societal development through social movement. These social groups provide an opportunity for the people to raise their voices for good and influence the government decisions. Without it, there will always remain a risk of having a weak democracy, which can turn into aristocracy anytime.
Interest groups can be of many types. There can be economic interest groups, business groups, labor groups, professional associations, wildlife protection groups and so forth. All of which, influence the decision making process of the controlling government body present in their regions. In United States, people oppose the corporatist groups and tend to follow the pluralist approach. Pluralist groups are more competitive; believe in free market and professionalism. Most of the people working for a group are achievers in their life. In pluralist groups, unlike the corporatists, a bottom up approach is followed for decision making. These groups are…
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