Political Situation in Pakistan

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By Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
Reproduced in pdf form by Sani Panhwar

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Since the birth of Pakistan every government has appealed for national unity. Pakistan has run into crisis after crises, each graver than the preceding and unity has eluded us despite all the fervent appeals made. There must be serious reasons why crises should exist in abundance and not unity. These reasons need to be examined. Our country has been threatened by two sorts of crises-a general one affecting the world, but particularly Asia; and the other casting its gloom over the sub-continent. There is an obvious connection between them. Of whatever sorts the crisis may be and
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The law must function as an instrument of the people and not as a shield protecting an unjust status quo. The people when they come into their own will build a just society out of existing shambles. They will create a free fraternity of equal men and women, the fulfillment of their ideals. The people of Pakistan alone must decide, for good and bad, whether the State should be a federation or unitary; what should be the relation of the two wings to the center and to one another; whether regions should enjoy autonomy; whether the form of government should be parliamentary or presidential or one combining features of both. The federal and the unitary forms are both compatible with democracy, and the same can be said of the presidential and the parliamentary systems. This is all the more reason why the views of the people must be ascertained on issues to which answers cannot be deduced by debates on abstract principles. The legislative assemblies must be elected directly by the adult population entitled to vote and not by electoral colleges. The system of indirect elections lends itself most readily to the exercise of coercion and corruption. It is impossible to browbeat a whole population though it is comparatively easy to influence individuals composing an Electoral College by menaces or favors. The right to vote must be exercisable,
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