Political, Societal And Economic Factors

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6. What political, societal and economic factors are important in this country? ECONOMIC SOCIETAL When it comes to the societal aspect of the country of Qatar, its residents have been divided into three different groups. the Hadar, Bedouin, and Abd. The Bedouin group can actually trace their descent back from the nomads of the arabian peninsula, where the Hadar groups ancestors were settled town dwellers. Although these individuals are of separate societal groups, some of the Hadar are descendants of the Bedouin group. Most of these residents descend from migrants from the present-day Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and are occasionally referred to as ‘Irani-Qataris.’ The Abd group also known as Alabd formally, the literal translation of this group name means “slaves.” These individuals are descendants of slaves brought from east africa many years ago. Every member of each of these Qatari groups have the right to a non-challenged citizenship. Although they are free to live a good life in Qatar; their sociocultural differences among all of them do not go unnoticed, and are recognized and acknowledged on a day to day basis. POLITICAL The Qatari as a whole are of an “emirate,” which is ruled by an Emir. Since the start of Qatar’s independence, this country’s rulers have been of one particular family known as ‘Al Thani’ The Emir, several of the cabinet ministers, as well as officials of high ranking -- are all members of the Al Thani Family. This large kin group, filled
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