Political Sociology Reading List And Rationale

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Political Sociology Reading List and Rationale
The purpose of this comprehensive exam is to give me an opportunity to demonstrate mastery over relevant debates, theories, and empirical findings in the major issues of political sociology. I will also examine theoretical and empirical approaches to classic and contemporary fundamental questions of political sociology. My primary goal here is to learn how to think critically like a political sociologist and be able to understand and use the major concepts, frameworks and representatives of political sociology for my doctoral project. Political sociology is a very broad and multi dimensional discipline. Thus, to examine the mentioned issues, I will primarily look at the various cases and hot debates around the intersection of Islam and politics in the modern world.
I organized my reading list at five parts that match the scope of my doctoral research as well as expanding my expertise within political sociology. My subfields consist of (1) the overview of political sociology, (2) Islam and Muslim politics, (3) Islam and modernity debates (4) multiple modernities, and (5) religion and immigration: Islam and Muslim in the western societies. These subsections will be particularly useful for me because my research project is developing within political sociology, Islam and politics and multiple modernity perspectives.
The section of overview of political sociology will provide me to become familiar with and capable of engaging with…
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