Political Status of the Disputed Territories

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Political status of the disputed territories The political status between the nations of Israel and Palestine is a continuing crisis that began upon Israel's formation shortly after the conclusion of World War II. Many small scale wars and battles have been fought over the years killing many and intensifying the region. The political situation sees many Western forces providing economic and military support for Israel. The conflict lies in two general areas: religious idolatry and the formation of an officially recognized Palestinian state. The political status of Cyprus is fragmented and uncertain. Cyprus has been in disarray since 1974 when Turkey inserted military forces geographically and politically dividing the island nation. Since this time political tension between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots has been constant. United Nations involvement has inserted some relief but a new hydrocarbon discovery off the coast of Cyprus has reignited tensions about who has the rights to the potential economic windfall. After the Soviet breakup in the late 1980's many new political situations arose. Such is the case in Nagorno-Karabakh as Armenian political forces stand in opposition to Azerbaijan. Armenian secessionists using the Soviet absence as an impetus, began a conflict to escape Azerbaijan rule. Religion plays a role in this conflict as the Christian Armenians, under perceived persecution have fought for independence. The political status of the warring nations have
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