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Political Systems Democracy relates to a political system that equates to one person holding one single vote in the decision-making process. As a political system, its proponents deem it as a fair and just way as the whims of the majority are preferred over the desires of the few. It becomes necessary to comprehend how democracy works to be able to effectively understand the principles and assumptions behind it. Majority of the countries in the world relate to a democratic system with differing variations depending on the resident country’s constitution. However the basic premise is that people in a country vote for their preferred candidate and the one with the most votes becomes the leader of the particular country. It is the same…show more content…
It means that efficiency is high and the way in which people internalize new methods is done much faster. It becomes clearer an inclusive educational system as well as vast pool of labor enabled China to undertake aggressive economic policies that slowly saw it rise to be the largest economy in Asia and then the world. The effectiveness of these two factors has seen China rise to be a successful superpower despite lingering problems. In analyzing these economic systems it becomes important to understand the way in which they may affect economic development. The rise of China as previously stated has led to the consideration that perhaps the authoritarian rule is more liable to allow for economic development. The communist system is more suitable in terms of how it operates on a system of meritocracy. To climb the ranks of the party one has to be qualified and have held positions of power even at the most basic of levels. There is none of the nepotism frequented in democracy with ‘political dynasties’ an abnormality in such a system. It means that the people to head the positions of leadership are qualified veterans who have the nous to carry the country forward in terms of economic development. In a democratic system the hope is usually that a suitable candidate comes along and that he/she convinces enough people of his/her worth. It is not always the best candidate who wins and election rigging is a prevalent cause of concern. The way that many democratic

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