Political Systems in Ancient China

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Politic has always been defined as a pivotal point to human development, especially in structuring a civilization and nation. According to Wikipedia, the term politic was derived from the Greek word ‘politikos’, which means the theory and practice of influencing other people on many levels, or in other words, an exercise of governance over a community (Wikipedia). Politic is unique in all places: different country and state may have different types of ruling system that is exercised with some other part of the world. Politic is like an assimilation of all ruling system across the world, the uniqueness of a political system is influenced by the other political system as well. In human system, this political system, and political change throughout the different era, is crucial in reshaping human development for the better. China in the ancient era was highly sought for its power inculcated across the globe. China is one of the oldest civilizations said to exist in the world, and even up to now is still highly acknowledged as one of the most biggest political influence in the world. During this ancient era, China was ruled by a system known as dynasty, or ruling families for over a long period. As it was governed by the ruling of dynasties, China was ruled by a leader known as ‘Emperor’ in different dynasties throughout the centuries. It was during this period that the political unity and disunity were seen throughout, parallel with the…
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