Political Theories And Ideology Of Liberal Democracy Essay

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Many challenges put a stress on Modern Democracy because of the political theories and ideology our government holds, the current politicians taking office, inequalities throughout social classes and economies, and the opinions of “We the People”. Nearly every country claims to be some form of a democracy, but not all these self-proclaimed democracies allow for free politics, good government, and rule of law (Crick, 2002). Liberal democracy has begun to win over its royalist, fascist, and collectivist rivals over the course of the last few centuries, and the freedom to vote has been steadily expanded to those who were without it. But the liberal democracies of the world do have problems. Democracy is only as good as its citizens, and the quality of those citizens demands certain constant factors (7 Concerns, 2012). Gerrymandering is the process in which political boundaries are redraw or changed in order to benefit one political party over another one; if one party has power of the state legislature, then they can change political boundaries to maximize their chances of winning congressional districts to win an election. By doing this, unfair and skewed results are produced because redrawn lines can be made to help one party win over the other, since constituents for the losing party will be divided between districts (Tormsen, 2015). This will also allow the winning party to win more electoral votes and seats (Tormsen, 2015). This practice is uniquely American and can be

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