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There are different types of communities within academic disciplines. According to Ann M. Johns, “Discourse Communities and…”, each community serves a different purpose and has a specific goal intended for its readers. In this instance, academic communities depict that there are distinct fields that every individual chooses to be part of, and how each community has its own expectations and style of writing. The academic disciplines range from biology, political, science, history, and many more. In this paper, I will state the particular expectations that the political science community expects from its scholars within the political theory field. Also, how some political science writers use similar or different writing traits to get their message…show more content…
According to some political scientist, it is better to get to the point than to elaborate on unnecessary comments and using language that is use within the field. Caleb Miller, a graduate student in the political science department at UCSB with an emphasis in political theory, comments that there are high expectations for the type of writing he composes. He explains that in a political theory paper, “The goal is to be as clear as possible which is incredibly difficult”. Those in the political science field write in a distinct manner that requires them to use discipline specific jargon to explain the subject that they are analyzing efficiently and in an educated manner. Analyzing a philosophical text is hard as it is, but explaining it is much harder because you have to use similar vocabulary to explain it. Most disciplines use every day language to express themselves through writing, however the political science discourse requires their scholars to write in a sophisticated manner that is hard for an average person to…show more content…
Miller remarks, “I guess I would say we are interested in being clear as possible explaining how connections between concepts work. We are interested in establishing conceptual connections or conceptual logics.” It is important to implement connections that allow young scholars to analyze every aspect of capitalism both positive and negative; and to have the ability of explaining it and a high degree of wise vocabulary. Therefore, a political science community is different from that of a History discourse that suggests its writers to elaborate their work in greater detail that will create a new perspective rather than just focusing on the argument itself.
In addition, the rhetorical device ethos is important to support a writer’s claim. An academic journal, The Slaves of Institutionalism? A Comment of Bell and Hindmoor, by Michael Moran, illustrates the impact that ethos has on the audience. The main point of the article is to critique other international political economy written analysis on the 2008 global crisis from other writers’ point of view. The author critiques the work of other colleagues, but does so in a respectable manner. It contains many citations that make the author’s argument credible and valid. Moran
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