Political Ties With Other Countries Which May Influence Trade Agreement

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The political ties with other countries which may influence trade agreement (Brics) will have an impact with Mr Price sport, because most of Mr Price staff imported from china and china is involved in the bricks. If the price increase it will affect the customer and they suppliers. The minister of sport Mbalula Fikile bans international game in south Africa this will effect Mr price sport store due to income.

Mr. Price sport is not located in so many places; those places that it located it has much better access to transportation, much safer, closer to food shop, and it convenient. All the shop has camera for safety and body guards. Each shop has a fire alarm in case of emergency. The shop has a plan when they come across natural disaster e.g. flood and earthquake. The continued search for all positioned trading location, to have an internationalization of the business initially via Africa and engaging customers via alternative communication channel.

Mr. Price sport it a public company which is listed on the JSE, if the share price drops, could affect the credit, it is importing price hikes. If Mr Price sport experience inflation, the business will lose customers and the business will increase in demand, transportation will become expensive. Mr. Price sport wear and equipment are not that expensive compare to other store. There is middle class income. The price it affordable most people can afford it, it has trendy fashion in different…
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