Political Time vs. Ordinary Time

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Discuss how "political time" is different than ordinary time, in terms of resistance groups. For instance, the resistance fighters in Viet Nam fought first the French, in Indochina, then the Americans, from 1945 until 1975, for thirty years. How is it possible to motivate subordinates to fight that long?

“Political time” differs from that of ordinary time in the amount of time it takes to reach an end result. As ordinary time may take anywhere from a few days to several years, “political time” refers to the amount of time it takes to achieve the ultimate goal of a group or organization. In the case of the resistance fighters in Vietnam, their willpower came from the motivation to continue fighting for a higher cause. Their ability to
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In order to attempt to deter a possible recruit of suicide terrorism, these recruits would need to look at the big picture and realize that in order to create a lasting impression they could accomplish a whole lot more in the living form. Instead these suicide groups create a lasting impression of the martyrs
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