Essay on Political Transitions in America

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As life began in the new world many people that have traveled wanted to live in a new atmosphere. People sought out wealth, fortune, freedom and wanted to express their ideas and beliefs as they could have not in their own countries. The new world gave these settlers an opportunity to start their new lives and way of life. One aspect of their new lives was how they wanted to be ruled and their political ideas. Political transitions have occurred throughout the beginning of the settlement of the new world from the British colonies to the first president with a central government then the secession of the south and Civil War until Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal.

The English colonies were the starting basis of the new world.
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These trials were mainly about land and how the Minister Samuel Paris wanted to establish a church. He was given a land grant the Salem village and town did not like this idea so they accused his daughter a witch and several others and at the end of these trials a total of 50 people died. Lastly the Pennsylvania colony founded by William Penn had a government where the poor and the rich had a say in the legislation. Also the frame structure had proprietors choose their governors, but this system of governing failed and William Penn decided to make it a unicameral system which was a one legislation house that had representatives to make decisions. (Divine, #52-53) As the colonies prospered and more colonies were formed, Britain established a ruling a called salutary neglect which was an unofficial unwritten policy British policy that allowed the colonists to break British laws and have a blind eye to Britain which allowed the colonies to be fruitful and prosper. (Lecture, #3)
The American Revolution had been passed and it declared the Americans to be independent of Britain. This led to a creation of a central government and a plan was created known as the Articles of Confederation. It was passed by congress in November 1777 and the sovereignty of the states was guarded by it. The Articles was a single legislature and states could send from two to seven delegates to vote. The Articles rejected congress to
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