Political Views On Abortion

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One of the most controversial topics in politics is abortion. In class, we talked about the different type of abortions there are and the many different opinions that people may have about them. We also discussed the many reasons why a woman may choose to have an abortion. And surprisingly, what I thought I knew about them was completely wrong. Thus since learning about the reasons why one may get an abortion, I have changed my opinion on the topic and I was curious to find out what my mom’s opinion may be because abortions were not something that we had discussed before. Also, I thought it would be interesting to see if our opinions differed dramatically since most of our values come from our parents. Overall, my mother was in support of…show more content…
She said that she thinks that women should have the right to an abortion but at some point she believes it is too late to get one. At a certain point she says that the parents should just wait and decide to give the child up for adoption. The only exception she gave for this belief is if the mother would be harmed by the birth or if the child would have serious birth defects that were not known earlier on. Then she said that it would be acceptable to have an abortion later on in the pregnancy. Her beliefs on late abortions come from the thought that some women have premature babies during the same time that women can have an abortion and these babies can live, so if the fetus is viable outside of the womb she considers this more like taking a life rather than just preventing the birth of a child that you cannot adequately…show more content…
I was not aware that she was in support of abortions, however, it is refreshing to know that she can put her religious beliefs aside and support other women having control over their bodies. Although she herself claimed that she would likely not consider getting an abortion because of her beliefs and the support she has from her family, she still thought that every woman should have the option if they chose to get one. Surprisingly, she brought up some points that I had not considered like having the cost of abortion covered for women who cannot afford abortions themselves because they also could likely not afford contraceptives to prevent these unwanted pregnancies. Her opinions were also pretty much in line with what I expected her to believe. Overall, I was not that surprised by her responses and I do think this interview went pretty well for the both of us. It was not emotionally charged and it turns out that her opinions closely reflect my
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