Political Violence In Antigone

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1. Introduction Antigone is one of the fearless feminist in ancient Athenian time where she is a protagonist and antagonist. The play is in the notion of political violence and patriarchy as well as sexism; this essay will therefore discuss Antigone’s action of violence and the circumstances that interrupt the events. I will use Hannah Arendt’s essay on Violence as my primary source as a means to the ends and means that occur throughout the events become dramatized in Sophocles Antigone. 2. Body 2.1 Antigone’s Summary The play Antigone begins where Oedipus at Colonus has passed on in Colonus there after Antigone and Ismene decide to travel back to Thebes, they do this because Eteocles and Polyneices have overcome a prophecy which announces…show more content…
The dramatization that occurs in Antigone 4.1 Arendt and Benjamin in Antigone The first event that manifests in Antigone is the language, it is embodied in violent behaviour; an example is Creon’s messenger who enters, he goes to Creon to tell him about the bad news. He takes a violent action on the bad news. The second part we come across violence in the text is when Antigone justifies her actions by saying it was her duty do bury her brother by natural law. This then gives her law breaking a sense of “right of holiness” which advocates her violent act. However Arendt suggests that violence can never be justified (1970 ). Then Benjamin bethinks us that through any act of justification are transcendent, and that human actions still have the ability to be an expression of divine justice (Benjamin, n.d). He also believes that divine violence is destruction, and that it obtains the sacrifice that is authentic because it has not been passed by the law and has the power to purify the guilt of the law (Benjamin, n.d.) This act is very evident in Antigone’s actions, because it is her actions that honour the gods. This however does not only destroy her and accepts her sacrifice but also done with purest intentions. She does not let the law stand in her way for what she believes to be
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