Political Warfare During World War I

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We are in a time of war. It is on-going and progressively spreading to the rims of the economy. This is not a Washington-led coalition invasion and occupation of Iraq or Afghanistan, but it is a war within our perimeters, in the abysm of our own borders. It is a war circulating the frequency bands, on radio and television, built over the internet. It is neither a war on terror but of words, disputes and pictures, of falsehood and eyewash, ambiguity and illusion. It is a political warfare, setting democrats against republicans, liberal rivaling conservatives. It is a war of earnings and disbursements that is set to shred the last string of the American democracy. A war amplified to its summit by crafty men of means and influences with their silent and anonymous donations and sponsorship. It is a war that has brought the rising insurgence of oligarchy in America. Going back the road, to the distressing aftermath of World War One, there arose many questions about progressive political coordination of man and if civilization as they knew it then, was one of man’s greatest achievement or a revelation of his weaknesses. Growing questions about democracy were of raveling the minds of every citizen. America as a republic then, had suffered traumatic pains from several civil wars and political corruption and many feared the emergency of the “tyranny of the fifty one percent”. American democracy seemed to have suffered a blow from the start as it was considered as a fragile ideal. In
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