Political and Economic System

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Analysis of the Political and Economic Systems

Table of Contents I. Introduction (abstract) II. Political System a. Type of Political System b. Structure of the Government c. Identify a current law/policy law d. Impact on society III. Economic System a. Type of economic system b. Identify a current economic issue c. Government role in address the issue d. Impact on society IV. Compare Contract a. Economic issue country of origin V. Conclusion

In this essay, I had to assume the role of a politician and an economist. The country of Spain has many different political issues that can impact the society based on the structure of the
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Economic System
Spain’s economy is a well-based way to equally spread money to all of the people. Some of Spain’s natural resources include coal, lignite, iron ore, uranium, mercury, pyrites, fluorspar, gypsum, zinc, lead, tungsten, copper, kaolin; hydroelectric power. Spain’s currency is the European Union euro. Spain’s imports include machinery and equipment, fuels, chemicals, semi-finished goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods, measuring and medical control instruments. In 2011, the amount of money that Spain received for imports was $364.9 billion. Some of Spain’s exports include machinery, motor vehicles; foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, medicines, other consumer goods. In 2011, the amount of money that Spain received for exports was $309.6 billion.
The gross domestic per capita is thirty three thousand six hundred euros a year. In labor force 2.4 percent goes to agriculture, 24 percent to industry, and 71.1 percent to services. Spain came out in the number one position because it is a sunny country, because its citizens enjoy shorter working hours and more days holiday, because energy and lifestyle costs are lower, because the government invests into education and healthcare, because the average age at which people die is higher than in most of Europe and because overall, living in Spain ensures you have a better quality of life.
Spain has many economic issues. One economic issue is
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