Political and Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery Essay

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Political and Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery Economic and political events relate to current trends in the human service field with the intentions of meeting the growing needs of people everywhere. High financing requirements provide clients with services in various areas, which are critical to their well-being. Unfortunately, this task is becoming harder by the day to contend with, and the client suffers when quality care is unavailable. According to “Human Services in a Time of Economic Crisis” (2009) “adding to the human services funding deficit, and constituting a second form of disinvestment, are a number of direct cuts made to these programs over the past several years.” The political relationship links…show more content…
According to CWDA, CSAC (2009), such as a “deteriorating economy that depletes resources to cope,” profound cuts in state, local, and federal funding that seriously have destroyed services, and a fast growing demand for services. Some of the political and economic trends affecting society are, “According to Best Practice Beliefs (1999-2000), (para.1-30), demographic and income changes are altering the market, and economic changes are creating new challenges.” For the aging, working longer retiring later in age because of inadequate social security benefits, and medical coverage is becoming more common. More children living in poverty and single parent households as well as the growing population of ethnically diverse families and immigrants continue to grow. Businesses are competing to outsource work to foreign countries for lower wages, and merging with larger corporations to try to stay in business has taken over. Funding pressures are also forcing nonprofit, and for profit businesses to compete for grants, and new markets that was once set for nonprofit agencies, such as shelters, group homes, and childcare facilities. The right to allow prayer in schools, legalizing medical marijuana, gun control, and health care are some of the major political controversies that are affecting the human services field as known today. The events changing the world are the aging population. The older
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