Politicians Need to Listen to the People and Legalized Marijuana

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While the majority of American citizens believe that the drug policies in this country need to be changed, the politicians of America refuse to recognize the necessity for change. The war on drugs has clearly been lost and while Americans are for the most part ready to admit this defeat, their elected leaders are unfortunately unwilling to do so. This difference of opinions, more so than with any other political issue, marks politician’s greatest inconsistency with the desires of the people. The technology being analyzed here is the laws humans, particularly American politicians, have created that make the possession and use of marijuana illegal. These laws are in many ways quite detrimental to society and the objective of this paper is …show more content…
In this system, a Schedule 1 drug has a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision. Despite the potentially positive effects that marijuana can have on terminally ill patients, the drug has been placed under this Schedule 1 classification. Also placed under Schedule 1 are some of the most dangerous drugs on the streets.
The placement of marijuana among the other drugs as Schedule 1 is absolutely outrageous because there is no evidence that labels marijuana as having any of the described qualities. This inappropriate classification is a perfect example of the lack of understanding the government has of the potentially useful drug. This ignorance, paired with the stubborn ways of the majority of America’s politicians, leads to the absence of progress within the country’s drug policies.
The effects the laws have on America’s economy and prisons are other detrimental aspects of the laws prohibiting marijuana possession and use. Not only does enforcing marijuana prohibition cost taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually, it also results in the arrest of more than 734,000 individuals every year. This figure is much greater than the total number arrested for all violent crimes combined, including: murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. This

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