Politics And Action : Aiding Disaster Victims

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Pg. 64-77 Politics in Action: Aiding Disaster Victims • After the famous Hurricane Katrina struck, the political after effects caused nothing but chaos. o This caused a huge dispute between the national government and smaller state governments over forming a Louisiana National Guard. • Overall, this caused a huge uproar since the people all over America were forced to watch the state of Louisiana while the federal government just sat and waited. • This is important because it brings up the idea of what responsibilities should the federal government be obliged to versus the state government. o In order to delve into this topic, it is important to understand the American philosophy of federalism. o The relationship between the two can often be seen as confusing and often leads to a chaos filled environment as seen with the incident in Louisiana. Defining Federalism • Federalism- A way of organizing a nation that two or more levels of government have formal authority over the same land and people; it is a system of shared power between units of power. o This is not a common way of administering a government even though the United States is not alone on following this philosophy. o We are subject to follow what the national government and state government regulates. • Unitary government- A way of organizing a nation so that all power resides in the central government; most national governments today are unitary governments. o This is true for the United States from the

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