Politics And Economic Development Of Angola

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Politics play a crucial role in the success of any economy. The field of political economy is, thus, crucial in demonstrating the manner politics, law and institutions alter the course a country’s economic development. Politics is an integral part of an economy since it is used to allocate scarce resources within a state. Ideally, political economy refers to a mixture of sociology, politics, economics, history and philosophy, which integrates adequate evidence to examine how individuals exist within societies. Although the partnership between China and Angola dates back to 1960s and 1970s, over the recent past, Africa, particularly Angola, has increasingly become an attractive site for Chinese investments. This report reveals that China has been at the forefront in spearheading investments and economic development of Angola, particularly on its agricultural and oil sectors.
The face of China’s contribution towards economic growth in Angola A number of sources have reveals that China has apparently become a key economic partner to Angola. The country has been described as being one of the key recipients of Chinese investments on the continent. Angolan and Chinese political and economic ties expanded during the late 1980 after the signing of the first trade agreement between the two countries in 1984. Since then, the bilateral trade between Angola and China has considerably expanded exceeding $ 120 billion by 2010. In spite of the poor relationship between the MPLA and the

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