Politics And Government During The First Dynasty Period Of Ur

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There are few examples of politics and government in ancient society that are as informative and detailed as those during the Third Dynasty period of Ur. The location of this ancient Sumerian city of Ur was located midway between Baghdad, Iraq and the head of the Persian Gulf. (Ur, 2014) In addition, the ruins of Ur are now known as Tell al-Muqayyar, Iraq. Interestingly, this city state has had a long and significant history throughout the pages of antiquity. However, the time period of the Third Dynasty being observed only covers the years approximately between 2112-2004 BC. (Ur, 2014) The importance of this small part of the timeline of the city state of Ur can be marked in the politics that show us the roots and early trends of human governance via the history of one of the earliest large city states of the prehistoric world. Initially, it was the rise to power by Ur-Nammu that allowed the beginning of the Third Dynasty of Ur. Furthermore, it is important to understand what factors enabled Ur-Nammu to be able to establish the Third Dynasty, for it is through Ur-Nammu’s rise to power that important trends can be established that can be observed in the rise of future political powers. As an example, the defeat of the Gutians when Ur-Nammu was one of the generals of the King of Uruk contributed him fame and power. (Sumer, 2014) Coincidentally, it is also a common theme for those who rise to power in history to obtain fame, wealth, and power. This shows that even in ancient…
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