Politics And Politics Of Mexico

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Politics has had significant impacts on states. Depending on the state, they can be positive or negative. The politics of Mexico can be represented by three authors: Seeing Like a State by James Scott, Transitions to Democracy by Dankwart Rustow, and End of the Transition Paradigm by Thomas Carothers - all exemplify the politics of the country of Mexico. Mexico can be described as a country de-democratizing; it is still officially a democratic unity, but citizens are skeptical about completely trusting their government. The political system has an effective organizational basis, meaning the checks and balances concept also applies to their government and citizens are able to vote for favorable political candidates, however, often…show more content…
The arrangement of cities is important to facilitate political control. In regards to the influence of politics towards a state, Rustow discusses the process to which democracy is developed. National unity is key, and is the foundation of the process (Rustow 1970: 350); Lacking national unity would mean that democracy would not be able to flourish, or even begin developing. By national unity, Rustow means that as a whole, a majority of citizens in a country not yet in a democracy, must agree on identification of their political status (Rustow 351). This would allow the transition to democracy to be more smoothly, and have minimal conflict since the majority of citizens would agree on their political identification for their country. Secondly, however, conflict is necessary, according to Rustow (Rustow 352). Conflict would eventually lead the opponents to end up with democracy, but Rustow still recognizes the possible failure of reaching democracy through conflict (Rustow 355). Conflict will force the parties involved to think of ways to secede from such turmoil, thus democracy could be a possible outcome. But, the possibility still exists that both parties will not reach a solution or that one party may win and lead the way towards a non-democratic political system (Rustow 354). If the
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