Politics And Religion By Gerard Hauser

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Politics and religion have long been entangled in the United States. The United States has struggled with the question of how to maintain an appropriate combination of religion and politics in the public sphere for a long time. Gerard Hauser argues that public spheres are “discursive spaces where society deliberates about normative standards and even develops new frameworks for expressing and evaluating social reality”. Religion is part of the public sphere and has an influence in American political life in affairs such as leadership, legislation and voter partisanship. Religious rhetoric plays an important role in defining the boundaries of the political community and in setting the tone for political discourse. American democracy owes its birth to the influence of a specific form of Christianity: English Puritanism. The Pilgrims, laid the essential groundwork for America’s experiment in self-government. Religion was in fact the primary reason for the northern settler’s immigration to the New World. These settlers known as Pilgrims because their “journey had a religious purpose”. They sought to build Puritan communities, to live in America “in their manner and pray to God in freedom”. “The Pilgrims came to establish religious communities, but their beliefs called for such communities to be instituted and administered by the consent of the governed.” (Holloway, Carson) As time went by, they began to constitute and frame laws, ordinances, acts and constitutions. Our

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