Politics And The People : Political Culture

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EMMANUEL O. (688547) Po-119 Politics and the people The discussion we start by reasoning the weight of political culture into democracy (freedom), firstly it we define the meaning of political culture and the types? What the word democracies actually mean and the type’s examples of countries that is practicing democracy the benefits to the country? What are the networks within democracies and political culture, the similarities, differences, gain and harm to the countries that are or want to practice democracies? It will consider why some humanities have some political values that seem supportive of the stables democracy while other does not. Culture is the way we live. The clothes we wear, the foods we eat the languages we speak, the story we tell, and the ways we celebrate. It is the way we show our imaginations through art, music and writing. Is about what do we believe? What makes our live different from other? (Kalman, 2009) Then what is political culture? Is a way of life to some certain people who exist in a particular society , the practices held by the people that shapes their political behaviour it include moral judgments, political myths, beliefs, and ideas of what make a good society. According to Johari (1982, p 224) a political culture ‘is the composed of the attitudes belief, emotions and values of society that relate to political system and to the political issues’ political culture exist because people beliefs in one voice, the kind of political culture
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