Politics And Women 's Political System

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There are systems of privilege hidden in plain sight, obscured by the oblivious nature of mankind. They are the framework for a vast multitude of subjects and fields. There is not enough time in the world to adequately analyze all the systems present; that being said, this paper will delve into the systems of privilege within political systems. Historically speaking, the male “gender” has dominated the field of politics and women are just starting to gain a foothold in this enduring political structure. This idea raises the question to what extent does one’s gender affect their ability to actively engage in their respective country’s political system? Three scholarly journal entries were analyzed in depth for insight on this controversial topic. The first one being New Research on Gendered Political Institutions, by Sally J. Kenney. During the course of her entry, she delves into the processes that make various political institutions fall victim to the gendered systems of privilege. The second journal entry chosen was Playing With Different Cards, by Tania Verge and Maria De La Fuente. In this entry, Verge and her colleague talk about the underlying foundations that make these political systems capable of such esoteric biases. The third and final journal entry, is the case study Power, Conflict and Community, by Monica Schneider and her colleagues. She raises an interesting approach, stating that these gendered institutions are only possible by the predisposed demeanor of
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