Politics Can Certainly Be A Tragedy. The History Of The

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Politics can certainly be a tragedy. The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides tells the extraordinary rise of Athens and its pitiful downfall in its attempts at expansion. In his recount of the later stages of the war, historian Thucydides recaptures how the decisions of the Athenian generals Alcibiades and Nicias influenced the end result of Athens. While Thucydides did not live long enough to see the end of 27-year war, he could correctly assume how it would end. In this essay, I will discuss reputation of Alcibiades and Nicias and what influence their actions had on the fate of Athens. But before one can understand the fate of Athens, one must understand the powers that heavily influenced the outcome.
Athens was a Greek
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Just as many men respected Alcibiades, many also hated him. Many statesmen wanted the downfall of Alcibiades because he was seemingly arrogant and too young for his position. They began to plot against him, in hopes of having him exiled from Athens or killed. The conspirators accused Alcibiades of defacing a religious site and wanted swift treatment for his alleged actions, but Alcibiades escaped this trial because he was at war with Sicily for Athens’ sake. He was successfully leading the Athenian regime to conquer the island of Sicily, but this was short lived.

While at war, Athens requested for Alcibiades to come back and go to trial for his alleged crimes. Alcibiades knew that if he were to go back, he would be falsely accused on charges that even Thucydides believed to be false. So before he could be taken back to Athens, Alcibiades fled and joined the ranks of Sparta, the major opponent against Athens in the war. Because Alcibiades switched sides so swiftly, he was labelled a traitor among Athenians. Alcibiades would eventually lead the Spartans in many victories over Athens because of Alcibiades. The citizens of Athens began to consider Alcibiades actions as dishonorable, but I disagree.
My interpretation of Alcibiades actions was a set of wise actions of self-preservation. Alcibiades understood that if he were to go back to Athens, he would have been killed. He would have
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