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With reference to the source, outline two features of the UK constitution (5 marks)

One feature would be that the UK constitution is uncodified which is a unwritten document where as in the majority of countries there is a codified constitution which is a single document an example of this would be the American constitution, drafted around 200 years ago, which is written down on a piece of paper and lays down the rights of American citizens and also the powers of her government. Another feature would be that the UK constitution derives from a number of sources one of them being statute law, law passed by government. The fact that our constitution is unwritten means that there is no system of formal checks and
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This is strength as taking time to evolve is seen as a good aspect because there were no drastic changes, which enabled a steady and stable transition into more modern times. For example in the UK, the power of the monarch has decreased over time and is now seen as more ceremonial and a figurehead. The royal prerogative in the past was able to declare war, however nowadays parliament make powerful decisions like this one. This changed because society wanted the views and opinions of everyone to be heard and not the high-class people and the monarch as then the law would be bias and not satisfy everyone. This shows how it has adapted to fit the needs of society. On the other hand some may same that the UK constitution is out-dated and not suitable for today. For example the Bill of Rights was established in 1689 and still is valid today, this isn’t good as it gives government absolute power, which reveals that the UK has an elective dictatorship which removes some say from the citizens, this completely contradicts the idea of having an uncodified constitution.

It is very easy to change the UK constitution because it is flexible, this can be done through an Act of Parliament e.g. a statute. Where as the US constitution is very rigid and hard to change, this is changed by higher law. Having a flexible
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