Politics Ethics Paper On Police Brutality

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Politics Ethics Paper At this day in age news is all about the competition. It is a crazy game to see who can care the least. News sites will step on anyone’s toes in order to push and shove their way to the top. Any news site seems to be more than willing to ruin someone’s entire reputation just to get a good story. When was the last time a positive story about someone was “breaking news?” It’s honestly a struggle to think of one time that has been the case in the past year. When looking for a news story I migrated towards police brutality because I find it so interesting. Police brutality stories are always so complicated because they are never one sided. In fact, there are always multiple sides to the story. Furthermore, since the issue commonly dances around racial issues, people find it important to get personally involved in the story because they resonate with one side or the other. Police brutality hit the ground running not too long ago. Since the first few major stories that reached the major news sites, such as Trayvon Martin, it seems like these sort of incidents occur almost every day. However, the major cases still seem to make breaking news, especially where there is video footage involved because people can physically see the violence. The problem lies when there is a lack of video footage. Without video it seems as if the police hold one side of the story while the victim/witnesses hold another. No one ever knows what to believe. Did the victim try to

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