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Politics (bullet 1) In college, Tesla observed the engine and after studying it, determined a way to take advantage of alternating current. A few years later, he expanded upon his original ideas regarding alternating current and designed plans for an induction motor, which would use alternating current. When he was 27, he went to work for Continental Edison Company where he realized his creation of an induction motor. The following year, Tesla moved to the United States with little more than the clothes on his back and began his new adventure in America. He landed a job with Thomas Edison, but they did not work well together and parted ways within a fairly short period of time. Shortly after leaving Edison, George Westinghouse…show more content…
Richardson planned to have a tower built in Timmins and sought out an area in Minnesota to have a receiver coil built. Because local farmers in Minnesota were concerned the project may harm their cattle, they voluntarily participated in the project to see how it might affect their livelihood. After Richardson had organized a place in Canada to gather the electricity and a place in Minnesota to collect the wireless transmission of electricity, the head office of his company heard about the proposal and immediately blocked the transmission and shut down the proposal. The cancellation was surprising because the entire project was already funded. Senator Carter, who had originally tried to get wireless electricity towers started in Canada, tried yet again to get electricity exported from his province so that they could make a profit by selling the electricity elsewhere. Carter took the Timmins proposal and began working on finding places and people to set up a tower in his province and a receiver coil in another. As he was building his network of people who accepted and bought into the proposal, he suddenly found that the government of Newfoundland blocking his experiment. Yet again, the ability to provide electricity wirelessly was thwarted by an invisible hand. Why would anyone want to block the ability to provide electricity to many people in

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