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Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are perhaps three of the most prominent political parties within Texas. Within the pages of their party platforms, we see that each possesses a unique philosophy, with specific viewpoints and recommendations for shaping or reforming government policy. To be sure, the people of Texas face many challenges, two of the most compelling issues being the crisis in healthcare and in education. Not only are we lacking in these areas as Texans, but also on the national level. The parties’ stance on these two major issues defines them, giving us insight into the mind and intentions of each.
“Of the people, by the people, and for the people” heralds the Texas Democratic Party. As stated in their 2008
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Indeed, greater funding is crucial if they are to see implementation of the many educational programs they recommend. Some of these include universal access to updated instructional materials, libraries, and computers, supplemental reading and bilingual programs, increased funding for the arts and extracurricular activities, smaller class size, and extending greater salaries, support, and benefits to teachers.
As with the position of educational equity, so too is their stance on “universal” healthcare. “Texas Democrats believe health care is a right, not a privilege reserved for those able to pay for it. Every family deserves health care they can count on and a health care system that puts the health of the people first (cite).” Among all 50 states, Texas ranks dead last in percentage of insured, including over 1.4 million children uninsured. With such embarrassing statistics, Texas Democrats demand that measures be taken to address this crisis. Namely, an affordable universal health care plan for all Texans, even in the absence of a national plan, encompassing medical and dental care, full reproductive health services, preventive services, prescription drugs and mental health treatment. Additionally, they would like to see increased funds for Medicaid programs that assure coverage to low-income Texans, including a full restoration of the 2003 Medicaid cuts (cite). In the past, Texas Democrats proposed, and passed the Children’s

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