Politics In The United States

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Since the United States was founded, people of similar thinking have grouped together. This is extremely easy to see, especially if one considers the north versus the south. Political thinking goes beyond republican and democrat though. For example, in the past 40 years Texas has gone from a one-party Democrat to a one-party Republican state, but the underlying political beliefs have not changed. Texas remains a state that values the importance of a small government and maintaining tradition.

The United States is made up of a patchwork of different political ideologies and cultures, these cultures are described by Champagne and Harpman to be the“broadly shared values, beliefs, and attitudes about how the government should function and politics should operate” (5). Political cultures can vary by state or even regions within a
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In the north-east, states tend to be moralistic, middle states are individualistic, and and the southern states are considered to be primarily traditionalistic (5). A moralistic culture celebrates the individual citizen involvement in politics and believes that the government is responsible for the care of its citizens, a traditionalistic culture strongly stresses the importance of following historical presidents in politics and the role of a small group of political elites, and finally an individualistic culture recommends that the government be limited and, unlike moralistic, believes that professionals should be in charge of politics rather than the every-man (Champagne and Harpman 6). There are several states, Texas among them, that actually have a mix of two political cultures, with Texas' being a combination of individualistic and traditionalistic.

The individualistic and traditionalistic political cultures present in several ways in Texas.
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