Politics Is A Main Pillar Of Our Society Today

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Politics are a main pillar of our society today. It is through politics that decisions about the general rules and governance of our society are made. While actions, politicians and our leaders take are an important part of politics; the language, words and phrases they choose to use also have a tremendous effect on politics and the decisions we make about our laws and society. Often, the war of competing ideas is fought through the battle over language. Immigration and its regulation are significant issues that have been subject to political debate for many years. The language used has been a critical aspect of the debate. Each side of this debate, those who want stricter immigration laws and those in favor of more lenient laws, choose and utilize language in an effort to garner support for their position. Recently, this battle has been illustrated by President Obama’s executive action dealing with immigration and people’s response to this action.. The language used in the debate on immigration is as important to the topic itself, such as the use of illegal vs unauthorized, because each side uses different language in order to gain support from people through emotion and propaganda. The issue of immigration has plagued the United States government for almost its entire history. Although the America is a nation of immigrants, the nation has been debating immigration policy and the treatment of immigrants for its entire history. There have been long periods of time in
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