Politics Is All About Gaining And Maintaining Power

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"Politics is all about gaining and maintaining power." Politics is the business of humans endeavoring to success over their own disarray, uncertainty, competitiveness, egotism, and betrayal; formulate all the comparisons you want, but a lot of politics is simply concrete and visible, instead of being realistic. Politician tries to obtain power for their self or for “people”. Once they obtain power they make sure to preserve it. Correspondingly countries also try obtaining power and maintain power politically, such as the United State. I do agree, “Politics is all about gaining and maintaining power”. Throughout U.S history we witnessed politician and country obtaining power for there own particular goals; through the demonstration of a real world occurrence of how obtaining and maintaining political power work in society a clear comprehending of the important nature of these ideas will be clarified. Power and politics are often considered to be essential elements in the growth of the society. Even though politics and power are clearly separate things, are equally required for the society to successfully manage its processes. These topics often plays an extenuating role in the development of the society, there is a clear essential to allocate the comparisons that occur amongst these two ideologies. Comprehending of the important nature of these ideas will be clarified. According to Google dictionary power is define as the ability to do something or act in a particular way,
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