Politics Is Considered By Most Reliable And Accurate Results

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Politics essay Introduction Politics is considered by most to be a science; not a ‘hard’ natural science like chemistry, but a ‘soft’ social science. Being a science, this means it should be subject to the scientific method, whereby theories are produced to explain given phenomena, supported by evidence and well-thought-out concepts. But while it may be reasonably simple in a natural science to determine what the best method is to gain the most reliable and accurate results; this is a luxury social scientists don’t enjoy. Political analysis often encompasses trying to formulate human psychology to determine voting behaviour, or the influence institutions have on a country’s international relations; both of which have no collectively agreed-upon methodology as to how to achieve the best results. The consequence of this is splintering views on how the political world really is and how it should be studied, from the complexity of theories, to the method of theory formulation, even to the basic ontology of the ‘political’. In this regard, politics can be considered a ‘hard’ science, as so little of it is concrete. Simplicity vs Complexity In the methodology of political theory, an important distinction between completing models is the varying complexity or simplicity in the assumptions that make them up. Simplicity, or parsimonious model “is one which includes as few variables as possible yet which explains (or offers to explain) as much as possible” (Hay, 2002,
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