Politics, Political, And Political Politics

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In today’s society people often argue that there is a massive distrust in the government and the actions that occur within the political sphere. In the United States specifically, nearly two-thirds of the American population believe their government is in decline (Keane). This decline is seen through the widening gap of the rich and poor, extreme xenophobia of politicians, and young citizens left jobless due to unemployment figures on the rise (Keane). Thus, it is easy to see that people feel they no longer are being protected by the government. Furthermore, people may feel that politics is becoming more of an area for the powerful and less of what it was intended to be. Politics should be an arena for politicians to fight for and protect their jurisdictions interests, as opposed to job where leaders mindlessly show up for their 9 to 5. When individuals feel that this is the case, there is the potential less interest in politics, and political disillusionment. Distrust exists in the political sphere and is manifested in political disinterest and disillusionment. Political disinterest and disillusionment lead to a hindering of the desire to vote. Disillusionment is discussed in the article “Across the Globe a Growing Disillusionment with Democracy” by Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk. The article states that “…a Gallup tracking poll shows that trust in the presidency and in the Supreme Court stands at historic lows — while faith in Congress has plummeted so far that it is now in
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