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Politics is more than just the activities of those in power in the government but is especially the debate of those who are running to achieve power of the government. During political debates the candidates are asked questions about their position on various current issues. They put signs out to inform people that they are running for office. They also attend parades, go to meetings, hold political events, host meet the candidate events, and they even have republican and democratic conventions. The consequence of these events is they are promoting themselves to have the voters to elect them. Political thinking and acting such as having different views on a specific issues such as abortion. Either they can be pro-choice or pro-life. Their views on variety of issues affects whether or not someone will vote for them. Other views on how the government should run, spend money, if the country should be involved in a war or not, and how to deal with terrorists are other important topics too. Not only is politics important in today’s society but politics was important in mythology too. The Bacchae is a play written by Euripides, who unfortunately died before he could see the performance. However, Euripides’ son directed the play for him. The play tells the story of a young king who is not prepared for the appropriate behavior needed to engage in politics. The young king is unwilling to compromise and unwilling to admit his mistakes. The young king 's name is Pentheus. Dionysus…

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