Politics, Religion, And Economic Development During The 19th Century

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The 17th century was a time for exploration and conquest, especially in the “newly discovered” New World. The New World was a place that at the beginning of the 17th century had not really been touched by the more advanced people of the Old World. Spain had been among the first to visit the New World in the southwest region while the English were soon to follow in their footsteps and visit the soon to be New England area of North America. Although both of these large empires had started to take control or settle in North America around and through the 17th century, they both had different ways of coming about their settlements or colonies. The major differences between the two empires and how they started their settlements/colonies are politics, religion, and economic development. Politics played a major role in the growth and sustaining if the colonies of both the English and the Spanish empires. As a result of there already being inhabitants of the land that the empires were encroaching on, they both had to deal with the natives that were not all that perceptive to their arrivals. The Spanish had a much more pleasant approach than did the English. When looking at the colonies of the Spanish in the 17th century you could see culturally that there had been an incorporation of Native culture into the Spanish culture. When “the Spanish paid the Native Americans the high compliment of fusing with them through marriage and incorporating indigenous culture into their own”(22)…

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