Politics, Religion, And Sports

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When I was younger and till this day, my mother would always tell me that there were three issues that you should never argue about: politics, religion, and sports. This piece of advice that she gave me has stuck with me throughout the years and I make sure to follow it whenever I engage in a conversation with someone. Although her advice is very simple and easy to understand, this may be the exact reason why some people forget that it is also applicable on social media. From Instagram, Facebook, and twitter; the way we interact with each other has drastically changed over the past years. This change has also affected our perception on internet civility. The issue of civility whether it be online or social civility has been talked about through mediums of written and oral communications. But now, a new form of written communication has been created to express your views and idea, social media. Social media and its’ sites have grown exponentially in how many people interact with each other on them. With so much interaction between one another, it has become difficult to sustain online civility due to the wide range of opinions; when in fact sustaining online civility should not be as difficult as it is. When defining online civility, you can approach it by thinking of it as being formal and not judging the opinions of others, and always being open-minded of what others have to say. An important part of defining online civility is being open-minded of the opinion of others,
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