Politics, Society And The State Of Nature

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Politics, society and the state of nature are connected. Though Rousseau and Kant state that civil society and humanity amongst citizens can only be found if they are not related to the state of nature, in their explanation of laws and society in their political recommendations, the visibility of the state of nature is evident. However, their ways of clarifying nature are not the traditional way. They took a more aggressive approach to defining the purpose of state of nature in relation to politics and society. The reason why Rousseau and Kant deny the connection between politics and society with the state of nature is due to their own perception on state of nature.
I believe that to understand the state of nature, it is important to peel away the layers of human nature. That is why I went back in history to dissect the different aspects of human nature. In the past, men were no different from animals; they only became human through a series of changes they have encountered. This means humans do not have a fixed nature, but rather evolve over time. Human nature is always changing. We are unlike the original humans because we are perfectible. The purpose behind perfectibility is to allow us to become perfect. We are changeable based on the circumstance. In that sense, we are unlike all other animals, although in the past we were similar to animals due to our course of actions. In time, however, we evolved based on our state of nature. This helped us become…
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