Politics and Religion of Iran Essay

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Politics and Religion of Iran

After the fall of the Shah a new revolution was born with the Islamic Republic of Iran. In November 1979, the Iranian government became a large threat to the United States' national security. In one of the largest and longest lasting hostage situations of American history, the Iranian leadership proved contempt for diplomatic norms and world opinion during the hostage crisis. They appeared supremely confident that Iran would succeed on its own, regardless of the rest of the world and certain that God was on their side. Since this event, Iran has remained an isolated country from the rest of the world and still remains one of the largest threats to the United States' national security.

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After the Tehran Embassy takeover documents were found that gave detailed information about opposition groups (Schlesinger, 98). These documents gave information on groups that the United States thought that it could count on for support. Through the newly created gang of the Hizbollah, the Khomeini had proof to wipe out and discredit the political factions that supported the United States.

After the Reagan administration was elected to Presidency in the United States, the Islamic Republic of Iran was ready to export terrorism and attack the security of all non-Muslim activities around the world. The main target of the Iranian government was the United States. Because of the status as a world power and more than over-powering military, the Hizbollah was forced to use gorilla like tactics and suicide missions. On October 23, 1983 the Islamic jihad (Religious Holy War) moved from Iran to the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Ten minutes before reveille on a balmy Sunday, the one day of the week the Marines were allowed to sleep in an extra half hour, a young Shiite extremist drove a Mercedes truck into the main airport compound where most of the American troops were housed (Wright, 119). The explosion that took the lives of 241 Marine and Navy personnel was the largest non-nuclear explosion since World War II, as well as the largest, state sponsored, and life-taking terrorist event against the

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