Essay on Politics by Aristotle

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The subject which the question focuses on is the view of Aristotle’s ideal state. The distinction between hierarchy and equality is at the heart of the understanding of Aristotle’s ideal state. He claims that an ideal state ought to be arranged to maximise the happiness of its citizens. So happiness together with political action is the telos of human life. This end can be reached by living a better ethical life. However, he endorses hierarchy over equality. On one hand we have the equality which benefits everyone; on the other hand we have the distinction of classes meant in terms of diversities and differences where the middle one appears to be the means through which the state is balanced. Furthermore what is clear for Aristotle is that…show more content…
I will now start with the analysis of the relevance in an ideal state of ruling and being ruled. Aristotle’s view on this is clear, he says that citizens should rule and be ruled in turn. He claims that those who rule and those who obey are the same. At this level, therefore, Aristotle seems to praise equality. He says: “… it is obviously necessary on many grounds that all the citizens alike should take their turn of governing and being governed. Equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons, and no government can stand which is not founded upon justice. For if the government be unjust everyone in the country unites with the governed in the desire to have a revolution …” I strongly agree with this concept of the cyclical flow of power. I find it as a perfect way to achieve a well-spread equality in society and for this reason it is needed to have a more equal distribution of justice. In addition to this he then argues that: “… for he who would learn to command well must […] first of all learn to obey.” He thinks that those who were firstly ruled, when they have power they will rule in a better way, because they will understand the meaning of being ruled. I once again agree with this view, I believe that this mutual change of roles lets citizens think more carefully on the meaning of ruling and being ruled. As a matter of fact, if we want to live in a state where justice is its main feature we have to prevent the
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