Politics in Texas

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First, it has to be recognized that Democratic Party played pivotal role in political development of Texas dating back to the time when the white Americans first settled there. This made Texan Democrats evolve from a loose political association into an organized party. Another reason why Texas remained a stronghold of the Democratic Party was the unavailability of a second party to rival them throughout much of the state's history (Alwyn, 1971). Democratic Party was the only viable party in Texas from 1836 up to 1952. This made them dominate politics at all levels. Politics in Texas revolved around personalities rather than political parties (Alwyn, 1971).
Republican Party's statewide office dominance can be attributed to reluctance by Democratic Party to comply with the federal government's directive that ethnic minorities be included in democratic processes. The conservatives within the Democratic Party were not happy with this. Demographic changes have impacted the new Republican Majority. Democratic Party identified with large majorities, this has bestowed the African-Americans and Hispanic voters the critical role of tipping the balance of power to either side of political divide when they vote in proportion to their share of the population. As Texan demographics continue to shift, the voting preferences and the participation rates of the minority groups like the…

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